JME & Trigz - The Berr Quick EP

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    Very limited promo copies will be dropped to the main London stores today. Come out and say hello.

    JME024 "The Berr Quick EP"

    A1: JME - Mayhem
    A2: JME - Mayday (Mayhem Remix)
    A3: JME - African Zulu Warrior
    B1: Trigz - No Chorus (Vocal)
    B2: Trigz - Showcase
    B3: Trigz - Weights

    Will be going for £5.99

    Should be with HTFR in Brum, Chemical Records in Bristol and early next week.

    Also represses of the Skepta & JME EP (Missin, Autopsy, Sonorous & Raptor), Gangsterz, Good Old Days and Chance Us will be available. All for £4.99

    I expect Top 3 Selected vinyls in a fortnight, and a full press of Ruff Sqwad - From A Place the same time
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    Sounds good, will keep my eye out for it! :)