Jesse Rose & Oliver $ - Sample Pleasures


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Jul 3, 2005
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Jesse Rose & Oliver $ - Sample Pleasures


Take one dance music taste maker; Jesse Rose, add one of house music's biggest rising stars; Oliver $, give them an acapella album from the 80's, let them remix, edit and come up with some brand spanking new club jackers for the dancefloor, the end result; the 'Sample Pleasures' mixtape! (download here)

The guys have collaborated many times together but this will be the first time the two have embarked on such a massive project that takes in over 8 tracks across 40 mins of mix. Play it Down will be releasing a number of tracks free on various sites online and then keep the massive highlights for release on vinyls in April. Why? because as Oli puts it 'we love making tracks & we love people to hear them'. Jesse say's 'I've been really into all the Hip-Hop Mixtapes coming out in America and felt it was time to give house fans the same love back'.

Download the entire mixtape here:
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