Jere - Drop Zone critical sound event dj comp mix


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Hey guys, was hoping for mostly feeedback on my neurofunk-mix. How to improve transitions etc. Thing is I usually play house/tekno/disko/etc 4/4 music. Always loved drum and bass and decided to finally record a mix because of a competition. (Hudlum isn't my dj name just needed another account to post dnb so I don't clutter up my house-soundcloud.)

young:g - criminally minded
needformirrors - yoyo
fourward - talk to me
amc - onryo
ed:it, penny giles - set theory
cern - tiamat
tephra & arkoze, mc frequency - no escape vip
detail, linden - fringe
bredren - red powder (arkaik remix)
kid hops, quadrant, isis - obsolete vip
crimson, future roots - dub specialist
calibre - bogeyman bullshit
tom small - formal
ophlot - cubes
malsum, krone, sinoptic - combat
xanadu - ventricle
ed:it, collecting dust
j robinson - wrong tingz
hybris - timeloop
nu:logic - tripping in space
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