Jennifer Lopez decides to keep $50,000 worth of borrowed diamonds


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Jennifer Lopez decides to keep $50,000 worth of borrowed diamonds

Jennifer certainly seems to like her diamonds or borrowed diamonds that she likes to make hers. She wore $50,000 worth of the Robert Mouawad jewelry to the launch of Andrea Lieberman's fashion line ALC, in Beverly Hills. She seems to be so smitten by the jewelry that she has decided to keep it with her. "We received a call from her manager informing us that Jennifer was going to keep the jewelry. As far as Mr. Mouawad is concerned, Jennifer can have whatever she wants, but a premature demand seemed presumptuous. He will lose no sleep over $50,000, and frankly, Jennifer's endorsement is priceless," quotes a source

Benny Medina, Jenny's manager has a few words to say on the matter. "There was no demand whatsoever. There was an offer. It was very clear. It was agreed she would be given the entire collection of jewelry and clothes. She was the only celebrity whose name was on the invite. She would have done it for nothing. But this was how it was presented. It was quite a generous offer."

I suppose you can never predict what the stars will do next. It's always better to make the terms clear right at the beginning! However, this is good publicity for the ALC fashion line.