Jem One - The Second Chapter

vapour 36 hertz
May 17, 2009
The beat smasher Jem One is back with yet more killer music for 36 Hertz recordings this time with a killer four track EP showcasing the style that Jem is well known and respected in the DNB scene for.

With DJ support from the scenes most established artists and being handpicked to feature on compilations from Andy C, Goldie and many more Jem has been strongly supported by the whole spectrum of DNB in his production journey.

Coming with his first DNB EP ever Jem switches from his Flashback old skool 140BPM outings on 36 Hertz from last year and kicks back into the DNB flavors mixed up with stomping Jungle drums.

Once again showing he is a man of the beats Jem has crafted four stinky beats that work both on the dancefloor and for home listening!

Out Now on full release.............


Also available through all reputable download stores and streaming services

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