Jazzatron - Misunderstood Ep - DataMod026

OUT NOW! - Jazzatron - Misunderstood EP - datamod026

(A) Chi Chi Chi Co Co Co
(B) You Are Mine This Night
(C) Tony To Disco
(D) When I'm Rolling

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This breakbeat/drum’n’bass project has arisen from a collaboration of the drummer and producer Alessandro Raise with the producer Fabio Del Galdo.
After a training period in their cellar the project soon was reshaped into a real live-band act, thanks to the encounter with the talented Tourinese dj-scratcher Dj KND and the singer-author Nadya, with whom a strong cooperation soon has been established.
Since 2006 the quartet performs live (acoustic drums, voice, scratches and laptop) in many clubs and festival in the Turin and the surrounding area (among many others: AB+ Club, CSA Gabrio, Puddhu Bar, Cascina 00, Nuovo Club Underground, Fluido...).
Their discography includes the soloist Nadya projects "Sempre Di Più EP" and "Vicino A Me LP" (Lynks Records) and the Jambalaya's "Quando Vola Lo Struzzo EP” (Toast Records).
In June 2009 they produced the "Our First Work" album with the promising "Most Wired" net-label, pubblished under Creative Commons license (available for free download on Archive and Jamendo).
In December 2009 they released the “Breaknerds EP” on the renowned roman label "Subculture Recordings", then in January 2010 some tracks appeared both on Bologna's based Dbox Records and on the Georgian "Factory Recordings”.Now, June 2010, is time for the longest running italian based dnb label Modulate Recordings to publish their new deep and elegant “Misunderstood EP”. They are currently focusing on production, laptop live-set performances and party management together with the cultural collective “Jungle Pride” (www.junglepride.it)