JayJay & Mark C - Corrosion


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Sep 28, 2003
:jackson: Well well finnally things are starting to happen for the scource resident (dubplate monster) jay jay ,who has been around since the beggining of time without really getting the recognition he deserves. With the support of good freinds and scene giants such as Brillo (timeless) dj Lee ,total science ,baron and fierce hopefully this is the start of things to come and there are some good things to come believe me.... WATCH THIS SPACE !!!!!
Big it up mate and good luck !!!!!
Not forgetting mark who without none of this would be possible !!!!!!!


Jan 24, 2003
Yeah, it is about time this man got some props. Jay Jay is one of the scene's original nice guys, he helped me alot back in the days when i was first making my name as a DJ.

This tune is a dirty little number and really should be listened to properly on a loud system, when the bass line finally drops it kills it every time.

Heard Storm play this at Metalheadz recently and it smashed it up before getting rewound, so big up to Storm.

Keep up the good work Jay!! :)
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