DnB Jaydee DJ - Luminescence (Liquid DnB Mix)

Jaydee DJ

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Feb 14, 2017
Somewhere in the seven seas

This is one of my latest Liquid mixes. I would describe it as an emotional, beautiful, deep, inspiring and uplifting mix. I'd like to share the story behind what made me create this one, as to make it more of an interactive thing. I'd love to hear what it is that my mix or a particular track sparks inside of you as well!

Anyway, in little over a month, one of my best friends will be departing abroad to study (this is manditory during the 3rd year of our study). But she's having doubts about going, since she's in such a good place right now already. It's the same situation I had been in 3 years ago. I dreaded the goodbye immensely and I can totally connect to my friend because of it.

It's why I decided to make this mix for her, so that she can listen back to it when she needs to reconnect to something familair whilst abroad. I feel like the musical story goes from emotional goodbyes to inspiring a sense of adventure and back to a feeling of being totally lost until finally coming at peace with your situation.

One particular track (The Ghost That Haunts us Both) triggered something very deep within me. The wobbing sound that's present throughout the track symbolises something both mysterious and melancholic for me, especially with the lyrics considered. I feel like this wobbing sound represents the "ghost of depression" who haunts you, but in such a way that it cures it through music.

With the wallpaper of the mix I felt inspired to write my first few lines of poetry that are aimed at providing some comforting words to my friends when the ghost is haunting her as well. I'll leave it up to personal interpretation to what some of the words symbolise :).

"Your lantern will always guide you towards familiarity.

Away from your ghosts, under your golden lit tree.
Where you can always feel at home, no matter where you are.

Music and memories, non forgotten"
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