Dj Shitme

Jan 18, 2009
City of Bradford, United Kingdom
I just listened back to the Grooverider show with Original Sin and i heard Driller Killer. A brand spanker from Jaydan. Its so simple but id go nuts if i heard it go off in the dance!

I saw him at subdub and he ripped my face off. Love the guys style. Its simple but mean and he doesnt over do it. Songs like fight music and pull up.

Sick guy. Hype was saying that he is looking to sign him to do some ganja or playaz stuff which means that i reckon his production is going to go from strengh to strengh. Bang right

not a big fan of most of jaydan's stuff, although "suicide" is one of my favorite jump up tunes of all time, really hope it gets a release at some point it's been on dub for over a year now, massive tune
ye he's lookin big atm, that remix of baby its clear is starting to grow on me
yh loving some of his tunes like king of miami
i also saw him at subdub that was mint set
good build up for hazards set
I'm got mixed opinions of his tunes really, either their sick or a bit wack. Definately got love for his liquidy vibe sorta tunes tho, Love to feel and the secret are both classics!
Gotta say i prefer his older stuff.. Crank/Felony is probably my most mixed 12 of all time!!!!

Havnt been feeling any of his work as highgrade though..

u not feeling sound burial?? jus come out on promo shifta-down the barrel on the flip Big 12!!
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