jaydan - king of miami


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Sep 12, 2008
jaydan - king of miami bass sound

how the hell is that synthy bass made?
before anyone says "dont copy use your own" im just wanting to know how its madeso i can take the sound further or what ever
personaly i think its fuckin dirty

be good if someone can help out

i use massive

been on it for hours now trying to make it

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As with many of these kind of sounds there are probably many routes you could take to come up with similar results. I've been trying to make one similar for ages (I assume you're talking about the brassy stab sound like a pitched down 'mr happy' similar to the one used in 'streethawk'.

I think it may be quite difficult in massive because if I recall, you can do FM modulation. I use z3ta+ and have got fairly similar results with this recipe:

couple of saws (different waveforms to give more detailed timbres in the high-end),
have one saw that is being FMed by something like a sine or triangle wave.
detune them, but not so much that you get that sort of phasing hoover sound.
using quick envelopes, mod the FM amount (this will give it the attack)
then using envelopes of a similar speed, mod the cutoff of a LP filter

After this, the real character will be defined by splitting freq.s and applying various different distortions.
thanks alot mate
be good if you could maybe give me a few print screen or something
i cant quite understand everything you mean

i also have reason if that helps?
Yo, here's something I knocked up in reason, it's a bit ropey, but I only had a couple of minutes. You should be able tweak it and maybe get some use out of it.


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