DnB Jaydan Forthcomg on High R8 Digital!

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Oct 28, 2011
Gloucester, UK
Jaydan Forthcoming on High R8 Digital!

Jaydan Forthcoming on High R8 Digital!

High R8 Digital proudly presents the next instalment and shows no sign of slowing down with yet another epic release!

Ego Trippin - Woman Hunt - Jaydan Remix
Making his debut appearance on the label and twisting up ‘Ego Trippin’s’ monster hit, the mighty ‘Jaydan’ steps up with an exclusive Remix! In true ‘Jaydan’ style there’s no holding back this gritty all out Dancefloor beast, with layers of deep warm sub bass, multiple servings of growling distorted synths carried by big punchy ‘Jaydan’ breaks. This track has been played by all the best, so come join the ‘Woman Hunt and set your sights on the tastiest game!’

Konichi - Slugger
Man of the moment ‘Konichi’ has been on top form of late and is proving to be a strong contender for the top spot of best new producer. This track demonstrates with ease why his sound is getting rinsed all over the UK. Ridiculously unique sounds presented in the most simplest of formats which quite simply does the job every time!

As always, the mighty High R8 Digital shows great versatility as a label, and adds yet another solid release to their highly popular release schedule!

A: Ego Trippin - Woman Hunt - Jaydan Remix
AA: Konichi - Slugger

HIGHR8DIGI009 - Release Date - 19th March 2012
Listen here: http://soundcloud.com/cygnus-music/clip-highr8digi009
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