Jay Vacaro - January 2016

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    You guys might enjoy this.


    1.Dawn Chorus (Original Mix) by Tokyo Prose
    2.Thirty Four (Original Mix) by Zero T
    3.Inner Revolution (Original Mix) by Mako, Villem, Mcleod
    4.Let Go (Original Mix) by Soul Connection
    5.Sunsets feat. LSB and DRS (Original Mix) by Tokyo Prose
    6.Molecular (Original Mix) by dRamatic
    7.The Movement (Original Mix) by Oliver Ferrer
    8.Taking My Freedom (Original Mix) by Malaky, Satl
    9.Forty Two (Original Mix) by Phat Playaz
    10.Simpler Times (Original Mix) by Break, Kyo
    11.Moments Of Jazz (Original Mix) by Joakuim
    12.Commotion (Original Mix) by Physical Illusion
    13.The Hurting (Lenzman Remix) by LSB
    14.Falling (Original Mix) by Malaky
    15.Sick Individual (Original Mix) by Tokalosh
    16.Gone (Original Mix) by Kove
    17.Rise (Original Mix) by Malaky