Jay Jay & Marc C “Music 2020/Future Thinking” Deadly Records

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    Local label Deadly Records gets Jay Jay & Marc C ( C4C) on the dials. “Music 2020” rolls forth on a warm layer of synth chords. Sound effects and bubbling beats break away, leaving just the synths. The Synths slowly take a darker turn before the beats and bass explode on the scene. The bass is an aggressive growler. Grooverider has been playing this, - not surprising really. “Forward Thinking” is a simplistic roller, but the heavy beats and sub carry this nicely. Sexual female vocals and tense jazz chords roll over this. Watch out for a brand new artist Flatliner on the next release, and further madness is planned from Calide too….

    Catch these tunes on Monday 8-10 on Stedfast's show on www.nsuc.co.uk :jazz_band