Jay Cunning - Old Skool Vol 3 (Jungle Influenced Hardcore 92-93)

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Jan 10, 2005
Essex, UK
3rd in the series of my Old Skool mixes and on this outing I've gone back to Jungle's early roots from the Hardcore scene back in 92-93. It's by no means a list of the only tracks that showed early signs of Jungle but it's certainly a list of tunes that for me were the start of the amazing musical scene that was Jungle.
I recorded this mix using, 3 CDs, Serato & Ableton and poured many hours intro creating it so if you like then please spread the love across your social networks!

1 Bitin Back Shes Breakin Up Fokus
2 A Guy Called Gerald 28 Gun Bad Boy Juice Box
3 Lennie De Ice We Are I.E. I.E Records
4 Tronik House Up Tempo (Grooverider Remix) KMS
5 2 Bad Mice Waremouse Moving Shadow
6 M17 Rockin' Down The House Chill
7 The Ragga Twins 18" Speaker Shut Up & Dance
8 Project One Smokin Rising High
9 Rebel MC Tribal Bass feat Barrington Levy and Tenor Fly (Foundation Mix) Desire Records
10 The Impact Crew Feels Good U No Dat
11 Origination Bass Rude Boy
12 3 Rude Bwoy The Herb (Remix) Madhouse
13 Noise Factory Warning (Dub Mix) Ibiza
14 Cool Hand Flex Lock Me Up Ruff Groove
15 Ellis Dee & Swanne Ruffneck Buziness Rough Tone
16 Genaside II Narra Mine Hardcore Urban Music
17 Skeleton Krew Luv To Luv Ya Skeleton Recordings
18 Doc Scott NHS (Disco Remix) Absolute
19 Bodysnatch Euphony - Just 4 U London (Remix) Big City
20 Dee Patten Who's The Bad Man Hard Hands
21 Satin Storm Think I'm Going Out Of My Head Satin Storm
22 Top Buzz Livin In Darkness Basement
23 Andy C Visions Ram Records
24 Urban Shakedown Feat Micky Finn Some Justice Urban Shakedown
25 Rufige Kru Terminator Metalheadz
26 Rufige Kru Knowledge Reinforced
27 Citadel of Kaos The Living Dream - E Z Man Boombastic Plastic
28 Younghead Bad Bad Man Reinforced
29 D-Livin Why D-Livin
30 Scott & Keith Get Busy Cru Reinforced
31 LTJ Bukem A Couple Of Beats Good Looking
32 Clarkee Have A Good Time Red Zone
33 Remodon Wonderful Kickin
34 Studio 2 Dirty Games White Label
35 Tic Tac Toe Ephemerol (Micky Finn Remix) Tic Tac Toe
36 Andy C Mind Rise Ram Records
37 Rufige Kru Sinister Metalheadz
38 Rufige Kru Menace Reinforced
39 Edge Of Darkness Come Together ADR
40 Egyptian Empire The Horn Track FFRR
41 The Anthill Mob Black Rushin' (Anthill Remix) Anthill
42 DJ Jinx Paradise Project Music Madness
43 Tango & Ratty Final Conflict Tango & Ratty
44 SL2 Aftershock XL
45 CmC Bad Girl Ibiza
46 Primary Source Lovin You Reinforced
47 Shades Of Rhythm Sweet Sensation (Ray Keith Remix) ZTT
48 The Criminal Minds Baptised By Dub Whitehouse
49 The House Crew Euphoria (Nino's Dream) Production House
50 Foul Play Finest Illusion Moving Shadow
51 Neuromancer Pennywise (2 Twisted Mix by Bay B Kane & Micky Finn) Symphony Sounds
52 Cloud 9 You Got Me Burnin' (Ray Keith & Nookie) Moving Shadow
53 Noise Factory Breakage #4 (The Future) 3rd Party
54 Origin Unknown The Touch Ram Records
55 DJ Crystl Drop XTC Lucky Spin
56 Apollo Two Atlantis (I Need You) (L.T.J. Bukem Remix) Good Looking
57 Macka Brown Go Down Baby Labello Blanco
58 Baby D Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Ray Keith Remix) Production House

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