Jaskin - EPIFIED #2

William Stutter

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Jul 12, 2013
Excited to present next instance of EPIFIED. Mix has been recorded as part of audiovisual collaboration with VHS LORD (link below), selection of deep and atmospheric vibrations I'm feeling for past half year or so.


Mark Kloud - 52.30
HEFT - Appreciate The Love
Sorse - Lagoon
Oak - The Bay
Tellus - Shrouded in Sun
Heatwave - Angel Of The Sun (Out Of Fuel Remix)
Om Unit & Synkro - Reflections
Sorse - Fernweh
Tyler Frost - Terra Magica
RQ - Solar Wind (Tellus Remix)
The Chikara Project - Departure
Oliver Yorke - Touch (Feat. Amy Kisnorbo)
Om Unit - Ulysses
3VS - Elevated Slate
Governmentfun - Hours
Cruel Culture - Dust (SQRS Music forthcoming)
Rainforest - Citrus Ridge
Elsewhere - Procession
Lewis James - Praying Out Loud (Feat. Dan Dans K)


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