Jasbofs 4th Birthday - Febuary 25th

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    Jasbofs 4th Birthday (!)
    Febuary 25th 2006 * 9pm-4am+
    @ The Cello Lounge (Formerly The Drezla)/22 Hardman St/Liverpool

    Room One - Hardcore/Breakcore/Idm/Mash Up

    Chevron (Planet Mu) (Tbc)
    Dolphin vs The Teknoist (Ninja Colombo)
    Et + Enigma (Oblivion)
    Pierced Milo (Darkstep.Org)
    Meatsweeper (Resident)
    The Hardcore Chief (Dark + Digital)
    Demented Vemnation (Jasbof)

    Room Two - Hip Hop/Breaks/Dubstep/Grime/Drum n Bass

    Johnny One Move (Chibuku)
    Redeye (Rollin Soundz)
    Se7en (Broken Solid - Dubstep)
    Swiss Jungle (Rollin Soundz/Jasbof)
    Bhima (Nwdnb - Choppage Specialist)
    Furness vs Venom (Residents Special)
    Hooligan (Heavy Rotation)

    Entry - £5/6/7

    Ive A Feeling This Is Gonna Be Interesting