Jasbof Present Exile (Live) - Sep 3rd - Liverpool, Uk

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    Saturday September 3rd * 8pm - 2am

    @ Hevn n Hell, Fleet St, Liverpool City Centre

    Room 1 - Drum n Bass & Beyond

    Exile (Live) - (Planet Mu, Frequency, Beta Recordings)
    Roscoe (Eastern Bloc) (Tbc)
    Furness & Venom (Jasbof Residents)
    + More To Be Announced

    Room 2 - Scatty Room

    Roscoe (Old Skool Set)
    Rilo (Jasbof Technos)
    + More To Be Announced

    Entry £5/6

    Tim Exile Biog

    Initiated into the realms of the broken beat at the tender age of 12 by a tape from a friend’s older brother, Tim found a path he loved so much he managed to more than double his age without deviating from it. The route has been eventful and varied, embracing a rich harvest of musical styles and projects, from leading orchestras and choirs to his late-teen turntable fanaticism, from composing title themes and scores for TV shows to releasing an impressive number of singles and EPs on some widely renowned drum & bass, techno and electronica labels.

    To notch up releases on such a wide variety of labels such Moving Shadow, Beta, Renegade Hardware, Mosquito and Planet-Mu is no mean feat. Tim’s genre-transcending versatility has allowed him to study an MA in electroacoustic composition, going on to win prizes in international composition competitions, while contemporaneously rustling up the kind of twisted drum & bass that has wiped the floor with punters and savvy journalists alike. His last single on Frequency ‘King Shredda/Spanner In The WorX’ acquired two 5-star Single of the Month ratings in DJ and Knowledge magazines.

    In true Exile style, Tim’s excellent musical craftsmanship goes well beyond his composition. Dissatisfied for many years with the severely limited performance possibilities of the turntables, and in spite of his deftness as a DJ, Tim eschewed the steel mammaries in order to pursue his performance nirvana: the solution that would allow him to do what his frustrated motor neurones most dearly wanted. Tim thus donned his programmer hat and tucked his designer’s feather into the rim.

    After a couple of years of intensive and scrupulous development, and the sale of all limbs superfluous to composition and performance, he emerged blinking, clutching his mysterious silver box. The synergetic force created on stage by this human-machine duo is formidable. As an accomplished violinist, Tim knows what a ‘real’ performance and improvisation are all about, and with his show there has been no greater intimacy between bodily movement and sound since bow last left string. His unrivaled combination of skills has led on to DSP and patch programming work for music software companies such as Native Instruments. This man exists not only at the cutting edge of music production, but also the very machines used to make it.

    Not content with merely unleashing his own ideas upon the unsuspecting world, Tim has also collaborated with a variety of artists in an attempt at getting his finger into every musical pie. Despite his unswerving dedication to his Philosophy degree, university was a particularly fruitful time for his musical harvest. The Fake duo, a partnership with songwriter Jonny Lattimer, obtained Breezeblock Bomb on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Radio One show and a half hour showcase of their sumptuous blend of jazz and funk followed.

    Eager to increase his dancefloor mastery, Tim has also collaborated with DJ and MC Temper D (Renegade Hardware, G2) to create the kind of addictive, pounding, relentless drum & bass that is the stuff of parents’ nightmares and punters’ dreams. Tim has worked with long-standing friend John B on many occasions, with the pair united in their quest to stamp out generic drum & bass – and bring more quirkiness to the electronic scene. Current projects include a collaboration with Ram’s latest hotshot Subfocus and a track with Evol Intent.

    Tim’s latest accolade is winning a prestigious competition run by the V&A museum in London, creating a site-specific composition for the temporary exhibition ‘Shhh!’ In the coming months, Tim has an exciting schedule. There’s a stinking pile of releases set to hit the shops in the next few months on labels ranging from Cristian Vogel’s experimental techno imprint Mosquito, US edit jungle hellraisers Evol Intent, Exile’s long-time home Beta Recordings, Ram offshoot Frequency and out-there stalwart Mu-Ziq’s label Planet-Mu. There are numerous live dates coming up in the UK, ranging from out-and-out drum & bass nights to experimental improvised noise gigs, and a tour of Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia with John B is also in the pipeline.

    Tim comes to Jasbof playing his first ever Liverpool gig on the back of his album just being released 'Pro Agonist'....now available on Planet Mu.
    Causing an unbelievable stir in both the Idm & DnB worlds.....the interest in him playing up north almost guarentees a full house....
    This isnt one to be missed!!!!!!