Jai Q - 5 AM JUNGLE Mash up!

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    Just a little spontaneous livestream I had at some stupid hour of the mornin to an audience of about 12 people lol.. Thought I would give it an upload tho. mad vibes!


    DJ Krome and Mr Time – Ruffneck Scouts “Dextrous Remix”
    312 Project – Release the Pressure
    Kid Lib – Fragile Agony
    Da Maytrix – Come een
    M-Beat – Shuffle
    Foul Play – Finest illusion
    Kinetic Science – Feel the rush
    The Undergraduates – Into da future
    Da Maytrix – Let me know
    Origin Unknown – Valley of the shadows
    Sully – Routine
    Studio 2 – Who jah bless
    The invisible man – The Beginning
    Chalke – The resurrection
    Halogenix – Shores

    graphic by myself

    feedback would be bless! ;) 21 year old bedroom DJ for about 2 n half years. Lookin for my first gig *fingers crossed*