Jacker - Traktor Live Set 06/2011

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    This is The first time I upload a fully digital Traktor Mix and I'm still ages away from where I want to progress to (technically) with this kind of DJing.
    But nevertheless I think it is already nice to listen to!

    Mix was recorded using Traktor Scratch Pro 2 with 4 Track-Decks, a Kontrol X1 and a Vestax 4Channel DJ Mixer..

    Marcus Intalex, DRS - Make Way
    ASC- Porcelain
    BOP- Random Thoughts
    Nuage- Missing You
    Octane, DLR & EBK - Mainframe (feat. Gusto)
    Phobia & LKP- Back Again
    Rockwell- Fackin jacks
    Rregula & The Panacea - Down Underneath
    Sato- Fuse
    Siren- Ghostrider
    Skeptical- Process Of Elimination
    Spectrasoul - Lost Disciple
    Spinline- Made Guy
    Stray- Can Of Cancun
    Subwave- I Need You (Bop remix)
    The Green Man - Berlin (Phace Remix)
    Treo & Kinetik- Hollow
    Ulterior Motive - Tesla
    Vaccine- Ochre
    Villem- Red Matter
    Cooh & Current Value - Naglfar
    Data- Muted

    Hope You Enjoy an please spread the link whereever you like! :twothumbs