Jack Beats - You Should Know (Friction Remix)

1:48 "I couldn't give a fuck" ??????????????

The 'vocals' make me think that he's just taking the piss, in a "I can throw any fucking bullcrap out there and the retards will still buy it" kinda way. Yano?

Yeah. Like most of the stuff in the charts. No content. All they talk about it how good their lives are because they have lots of money and use a jet plane to go shopping
SONG OF 2012 op is a fag.

It's not that bad, I wont be surprised if it gets rinsed on 1extra tho
i shall not be listening, Led Astray had such a horrifyingly poor impact on me I don't think I can ever give Friction's productions a second chance for the rest of eternity, ever.
saw the letters UKF in the video's image
didn't listen
well done for creating a terrible reputation for yourselves ukf
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