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Hi, I already linked to these in some thread or other, but here they are again.

I'm not especially proud of these mixes because they were composed over several days in Ableton. Just experimenting with it, and needed some in-car tunage (so each mix is about 79 minutes long to fit precisely on to a CD).

I think the first mix is dope, and the second not so dope (i got bored at that point and didn't really finish it off).

The KLF mixes are probably not what you would expect, so have a listen!

0711 DJ RiCh! Jungle

Klute - Never Never
Jonny L - Back To Your Roots (Friction & K-Tee Remix)
Commix - Strictly
Unkle - In A State (Total Science Vocal Mix)
London Elektricity - The Great Drum & Bass Swindle (Logistics Remix)
Matrix & Futurebound - Sandstorm
Calibre - Can't Stop This Fire
Doc Scott - 9507
Rufige Kru - Pest Control
Lynx - B-Boy Roller
Survival - Shadow
Alix Perez & Sabre - Solitary Native
Chino - Lovers Wasteland
Q Project - Ask Not
Chase & Status - Hurt You
Commix - Japanese Electronics
Klute - Property Is Theft
Calibre - Deranged
Grooverider feat Lifford - What Do You Do (Main Mix)
Eric B & Rakim - Step Back

0712 DJ RiCh! Jungle

Klute - Revolution
Calibre - Drop It Down
Lynx & Malibu - Mariachi
Lynx & Kemo - Carnivale
Artificial Intelligence - Bloodlines
Rufige Kru - Letting Go VIP
Heist - Don't Hold Back
Marcus Intalex & Calibre - Mistical Dub
Artificial Intelligence - Desperado
Commix - Belleview
Doc Scott - Jungle Jungle
Breakage - Clarendon
Logistics - Never Ending Story
Mist-I-Cal & Ras-T-Weed - Mistical Soulution
High Contrast & Diane Charlamagne - If We Ever
Break - Let It Happen
Double Zero - Immaculate Conception
Amit - Suicide Bomber
The Sleaze - Mudhole

(PS - anyone know if you can get matrix & fbound - sandstorm on vinyl?)