J11DIGI021 Voltage - Ton a bricks/Witness


Up next on Junction 11 digital we have the mighty Voltage. A Gloucester based producer and member of the notorious ‘Bigga Spittaz collective’,
Voltage has emerged as one of the most exciting prospects in Drum and Bass, with tracks forthcoming on Multifunction music and G13/Smokescreen,
not forgetting this cracking release on Junction 11. Keep an eye on this guy. He will go far.
Ton a Bricks - If it’s dance floor vibes you’re after, this one is for you. The bass on this track really does the trick. The low sub notes bounce along in an
uplifting manor yet still manage to keep the track sounding serious. It works as well on a home stereo as it does on the dance floor.

Witness - The term ‘vibes’ seems to get flung around a fair bit when describing tune’s but with ‘Witness’ it has never been more apt. This is an up to date
jungle roller with an abundance of vibes. Need I say more? Probably not, but what I will say is that it gets the dance floor moving every time without fail. It’s a keeper


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