J11DIGI020 Hoax – It’s a Secret / Quickie OUT NOW


Hoax – It’s a Secret / Quickie – J11DIGI020

Junction 11's latest release brings you the sounds of Hoax. The Plymouth based producer has been busy making beats for a long while under various aliases and is making big moves in the scene. With a number of hard hitting and heavy release's under his belt from labels such as Smokin Riddims, G13, Motion Sensor this one is arguably one of his finest yet.

'It's a secret' - with a melodic, almost calming hip hop influence on the intro that switches into a certified jump up smasher that has got dancefloor's moving all over the continent.

'Quickie' starts with stirring, eerie string's that set the mood for the kind of bass that will make your speakers melt. This one will not leave your playlist for a long while and is an absolute dream to mix.

These tracks have been getting support by the likes of Nicky Blackmarket and Crissy Criss among many others.

Out now from all good digital retailers!​
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nah man, quickie is a sick tune, been rinsing it for a while, it mixes with litterally everything. this is a big release not sure why all the hate, as it really doesnt sound like every other screechy distorted jumpup bollox.