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Mar 16, 2009
J-Tek (Jungle techno) is a new sound that is gathering speed & picking up momentum.....with some of the bigest names from the old skool hardcore scene & todays drum n bass scene pushing this music to new boundaries.......

Its history - J-Tek brings back the long lost jungle techno sound of 1992-1994, fusing classic 4/4 rhythms and syncopated funk breakbeats together, and takes you back to a classic age of electronic music that was short-lived but full of energy. J-Tek serves as a bridge between the ideas of the past along with the engineering of the future, Its 140-150 bpm tempo provides a strong crossover ability with other dance genres of electronic music and Its aim is to bring back what many labels pioneered in the early 90’s, only on faster tempos. This sound differs greatly from the days of old but J-Tek is aimed at employing its own identity whilst re-creating the music derived from Jungle, Oldskool Hardcore, Techno, Electro, Drum & Bass, House, Acid, Dub Step, Hip Hop and Reggae amongst other genres. Already, there are some top producers and DJs on board this new project to unite the market.

Have your say on who you would you suggest that you would like to see involved in this new music genre, either dj'ing, mc'ing or even making the music!!!!!

Join - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=59212937740#/group.php?gid=59212937740&ref=mf

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