J-pop - Without you [Drum and Bass] First track, I would love some feedback!


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I've been trying to learn the production thingy for about 1-1,5 year now, and I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of it. It's my first track which I finished (and put up online) so I'd love to get some feedback!!! I'll definitely will give some feedback to others around here!
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its good that youve waited to put something out and not just dropped something out early thats really no good like i did. the build up and drop is great, melody is great, reece bass is sick, pianos vocals and synths all perfect! the only problem is the drums, the kick could be kept but the snare is really far too long and heavy! for a liquid-commercial beat like this u want a reall snappy poppy snare, listen to some camo and krooked to hear what i mean! the snare doesnt need to be that loud to drive the tune either, i would get on the eq of pretty much every synth and instrument in the track and cut at 200hz, u could also sidechain some instruments to snare to make it pop even more, then if u do want the long splash sound then just layer the snare with an open hat and eq and add reverb!the right snare on this tune would really finish it !


Very good, you seem to have gained a lot of experience during the past year!
As alcapone said, it's a pretty commercial liquid track with a nice bass and drop.
Only thing I would criticise for now is the mixdown, meaning that the drums don't really punch through the track. Keep working on that and great job, still! :)


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Nice man, really nice flow to the track good production. The mixdown is the only thing I could pick up on as well, like Subka said the drums dont come through enough. Nice job though mate.


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I completely agree with alcapone. The bass, melody, piano is all very nice. But the drums needs a bit work.
i can't really add anything to what he said... some nice advice right there
With the drums perfected I bet this will be a great tune


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Loving the intro so far....
drops quite nice, like mentioned the drums need some work still.
They are too compressed and dont really suite the style of the tune imo

Progression in the bass and melodies are really nice, you definitely have that down
Good tune man, with mroe work on the overall mixdown and the drums this could be a real banger

good work :)