Run Tingz Digital tears a hole into the new season with their first release of 2014. Living up to its name in every way, ‘Road Block’ is a party-packed skanker that’s set to become a summer anthem.

It comes courtesy of the label’s very own J.Man. Signed exclusively in 2013, his agenda-setting remixes of undisputed Run Tingz classics – ‘Rock A Dub’, ‘Junglist Ting' and ‘Jungle Champion’ – have each scored prime position in the most discerning Drum & Bass Jungle selections.

His debut original project with the label, ‘Road Block’ will build on his already impressive profile: complete with his signature Jungle drumming and instantly recognisable horn riffs (taken from The Aggravators ‘Rockers Almighty’) it’s the perfect complement to the impeccable lyrical talent of Doncaster’s most demonstrative vocalist Parly B. Currently enjoying support and props from the UK’s leading reggae ambassador David Rodigan, Parly’s emphatic sermons ensure instant explosions in the dance. Warm, melodic and wholly compatible with J.Man’s heavyweight groove, Parly’s vocals and J.Man’s sunshine sonics are a match made in Jungle heaven.

It’s a road block on the remix front too. Straight out of their Bristol HQ, Run Tingz have invited exciting new West Country duo TerraHawk to the fray. Fresh from remixing Blak Twang’s ‘Rebel MC’ the duo have unleashed a firing jam that spits and sizzles with contemporary Drum & Bass fire. All rifling breakbeats, immense bass pressure and a drop sharp enough to shave, TerraHawk confirm their place as one of the most exciting new D&B acts to emerge in the last year.

In an exciting new development for the label, the release offers added soundsystem gravitas in the form of Sleepy Time Ghost’s Reggae and Bass Music infusions. Bulbous bass bubbles and a smouldering kick-and-skank groove, Sleepy’s blessed the original with an array of deep space and authentic Jamaican promise. Slow, steady and solid enough to melt the hardest of crowds, Sleepy will keep your listeners wide awake from the offset.

One firing original, three vibing versions; Run Tingz Digital are tearing up the dance with promise… Jump on this now and cause a ‘Road Block’ today!

Kenny Ken "Good release" - 10/10
Ray Keith "Will support, love the EP" - 7/10
Nicky Blackmarket "Biiiiiiig rmx" - 10/10
Aries "Big release" - 9/10
Liondub "Terrahawk remix is the lick" - 7/10