J Majik @ The Fish (14/6/2002)


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Mar 21, 2002
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J Majik @ The Fish, Cheltenham 14/6/2002

Only my second time to this small, personal venue, and an early arrival meant we beat most of the Friday night ravers to it. As we got there, only a few people were scattered across the bar area, and the sounds of Dj Cookie were gracing the sound system. A nice, flowing warm up set made way for the one and only Donovan Smith.
A strong set with a broad, varied selection featuring clssics such as the 'Global Love' remix kept the pace up as the club began to fill. As the last tune, Total Science's 'Superstiscious', was left on the deck, Upper Room resident Hi-Jinx could be seen preparing his tunes behind the decks.
Now this was also the second time I had seen this Dj, and the first time I had not been that impressed by him, but tonight he'd improved a lot. Some older tunes mixed with more recent smashers was the order of the night, and by now the dancefloor was starting to get moving! Tunes such as 'Tearaway', 'Tricks of Technology' and the 'Up All Night' remix got the ladies down the front jigglin, and as the midnight hour struck, J Majik and McMc took thier place in the tiny DJ booth.
Grabbing the mic, McMc asked 'Whos ready to get lively tonight?' and judging by the incredible increase of people on the dancefloor, everyone was! Opening with a personalised version of Shy FX's 'Dont Wanna Know' and quickly mixing Capone's 'Twist em Out' got everyone jumping! Its funny actually cos on the way to Cheltenham we were listening to a new Shy FX tape and on that tape he opened with exactly the same mix! But anyway, J played a wicked set. Plenty of spankin new dubs such as the phat new 'Lighter' rmx (anyone know who its by?) sat nicely alongside crowd pleasers like Danny C's summery 'The Mexican' and 'Ska'. Unfortunately by the time J put on his last tune, the club had become a sauna, and so we all made our way out into the chilly night air, but with Donovan Smith's birthday bash featuring Brian G, on the 27th of June, it wont be long before we return.
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