J-Dok / Wagz - Her Tears / Clouds [Terabyte Records][TB020]


Terabyte Records have hit the big 2-0, and to mark this seminal point in their life as a label they bring you ‘Liquid Technology vol. 3’. As well as two great tracks, Terabyte would also like to welcome label debutants J-Dok and Wagz to the roster.

The first track, J-Dok’s ‘Her Tears’, opens with dream-like pads and filtered drums leading into a percussion-heavy intro, leading up to a very melodic and sub-heavy drop that’s sure to get liquid heads and minimal heads alike moving.

Wagz’ ‘Clouds’, starts in very much the same way. This EP is very much a throwback, and ‘Clouds’ captures this vibe perfectly. The intro is laden with clever samples intertwining to make for some very beautiful harmonies; the play between the vibraphone and vocals is especially captivating, creating a fantastic atmosphere that is sure to give any mix a special edge to it.

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