J. Cross - www.future-dnb.com Podcast 001

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    J. Cross – January 2011 Drum & Bass Selection
    www.future-dnb.com Podcast 001!
    Bringin’ in a new year with fresh releases and exclusive cuts.
    Hi-fi download (recommended) or lo-fi streaming audio:




    00:00-02:07 Crystal Clear & Rhythm Beater “Magnetix” Ganja Recordings
    02:07-04:13 Metrik “The Departure” Viper Recordings
    04:13-06:42 Masai “One” Mainframe Recordings
    06:42-09:10 DP & Promenade “Snowflow” dbox Records
    09:10-11:17 A Sides “One DJ” Clear Skyz
    11:17-14:06 Marcus Visionary “Musical Murderation (Bladerunner Remix)” Liondub
    14:06-16:55 Muwookie “The Ways”
    16:55-19:44 S.P.Y. “Fields Of Joy” Critical Music
    19:44-23:16 DJ Hazard “Death March” Playaz
    23:16-25:02 Undersound “Runaway” SubLife Recordings
    25:02-27:08 Leumas “Enter” Pretty Neat Records
    27:08-29:15 Mutated Forms “Shadow People” Grid Recordings
    29:15-32:25 The Funktion “Direct Order (Lomax Remix)” Run DNB
    32:25-34:32 Need For Mirrors feat. Stapleton “Greazy” V Records
    34:32-37:57 Nu:Logic “New Technique” Hospital Records
    37:57-40:04 Jaydan “Original Rudeboy” Ganja Recordings
    40:04-42:32 Dialogue “Positive Vibes” G13 Records
    42:32-44:38 Fineprint “Darkside (VIP)”
    44:38-47:49 Nu:Logic “Bigfoot” Hospital Records
    47:49-49:14 Mr. Joseph “Break It Down Like This” Totaal Rez
    49:14-51:20 Wilkinson “Moonwalker” Ram Records
    51:20-54:20 Metrik “T-1000” Viper Recordings
    54:20-56:58 Blue Motion “Neverending” Vibration Records
    56:58-61:23 Pseudonym “Timelines (Breakfast d&b Re-fit)”
    61:23-66:26 Phace & Misanthrop “Desert Orgy” Neosignal

    Recorded live from vinyl and digital. No post edits. That’s cheating.
    International: www.future-dnb.com
    United States: www.miachicago.com
    Email: dj.jcross@hotmail.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jcrossdnb

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    Best of 2010 – http://soundcloud.com/j-cross-best-of-2010/the-best-drum-bass-of-2010#play (Streaming only, NO download: available exclusively at Gramaphone Records, 2843 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL or www.gramaphonephone.com)