J. Cross (MIA Chicago) November 2010 Drum & Bass Selection


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Oct 1, 2010
Chicago, IL USA
Representing the full spectrum of quality, current Drum and Bass.

Available for HIFI Free Download (recommended) or LOFI live stream:


01. Blackout “L.O.V.E. (Hamilton Remix)” Ram Records
02. Serum “Snuff Box” Philly Blunt
03. Sigma “The Jungle” Breakbeat Kaos
04. Culture Shock “Cathedral” Ram Records
05. MC Juiceman “Ghost Train” Audio Espionage
06. Zero T & DJ Ruffstuff “Weapons” Chronic
07. DJ Die “Ghetto Bizness” Clear Skyz
08. The Upbeats “Ionized” Commercial Suicide
09. Raiden “Alpha Centauri” Renegade Hardware
10. June Miller & Mindmapper “Quartz Controlled” Buried Audio
11. Noisia & Alix Perez “Underprint” Invisible
12. Survival feat. Christina Nicola “Hand It Over” Audio Tactics
13. Break “Vibe” Engine Music
14. S.P.Y. “Beyond The Threshold” Run DNB
15. Bladerunner “Spartan Law” Dread Recordings
16. Noisia & SPOR “Falling Through” Vision
17. Understate “Technology (Zero T Remix)” Touched By Records
18. L.I.S. “The Phlebass Consideration” Play Musik
19. Cruel Culture & Er.ic “Ashtray Blues” Shadybrain
20. Basher, Deep & Shafie “Shivers” Subtitles UK
21. Need For Mirrors “Poison Apple” Chronic
22. Mutt feat. Stephane Vera “When I” Celsius
23. Blue Motion “How Can I Love You More” Spearhead
24. Morphy & The Nasha Experience “Indus Valley” Voodoo Music
25. ASC “The Touch” Auxiliary
26. Enei “One Chance” Critical
27. Artificial Intelligence “Rubber Bullets” V Records
28. Mindscape “Bounce” Ram Records
29. Camo & Krooked “Can’t Get Enough” Breakbeat Kaos
30. Friction feat. Tasha Baxter “Life Cycle” Shogun Audio

Recorded live from vinyl and CD. No post edits. That's cheating.

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