J. Cross (M.I.A./Future-DNB.com) December 2010 Drum & Bass

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    J. Cross – December 2010 Drum & Bass Selection
    Featuring the hottest new releases and exclusive cuts, spanning all styles of DNB.
    Hi-fi download (recommended) or lo-fi streaming audio:



    00:00-01:45 Crissy Criss & Youngman “Turn It Up” Technique Recordings
    01:45-03:52 Gridlok & The Upbeats “The Jitters” Ram Records
    03:52-06:20 Rockwell “DJ Friendly Unit Shifter” Shogun Audio
    06:20-08:27 Joe Syntax “Slingshot” Allsorts
    08:27-10:55 Lenzman “Take It Back” SGN:LTD
    10:55-14:26 Harvest R “Chronicles” Chronic
    14:26-16:12 BCee and S.P.Y. “Nothing To Declare” Spearhead Records LTD
    16:12-17:58 Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery pres. OceanLab “On A Good Day
    (Metropolis) [J Majik & Wickaman Remix]” Ultra
    17:58-20:26 Savage Rehab “Viagra” Chronic
    20:26-23:57 Furlonge “This Love (Interface Remix)” Viper Recordings
    23:57-26:04 Makoto feat. Deeizm “Stop” Human Elements
    26:04-28:32 Lenzman feat. Riya “Bittersweet (Pt. 2)” SGN:LTD
    28:32-30:17 B-Complex “Reflections” Spearhead Records
    30:17-32:45 B Cloud “Deeper (Enei Remix)” Aerial Vibes
    32:45-34:31 Black Sun Empire “Chaingang” Black Sun Empire Records
    34:31-38:24 Octane & DLR “The Fly” Sonorous
    38:24-40:30 Nusense “Archery” Vampire Records
    40:30-41:55 Amoss “Create More” Cyclone Recordings
    41:55-44:02 Cyantific “Opium” Critical
    44:02-46:30 Gunston “Bounds of a Decade” IM:LTD
    46:30-49:40 Break feat. Die “Slow Down” Symmetry
    47:33-48:16 Dillinja “Go Dillinja” Cybotron
    49:40-51:47 Original Sin & Taxman “Penamana” Playaz
    51:47-53:12 Tantrum Desire feat. Youngman “Chill” Technique Recordings
    53:12-56:00 Jaydan “She Gives Me Love” Smokin Riddims
    56:00-58:07 DJ Rusty “All Time” Love Hurts Records
    58:07-1:00:14 DLX “Speaker Box” Dub Chamber Recordings
    1:00:14-1:01:40 System “SY-FI” Integral
    1:01:40-1:03:46 Heavy 1 & Calculon “First Light” Rubik Records
    1:03:46-1:05:52 Flaco “I Just Wanna Be” Soundtrax
    1:05:52-1:10:49 Dave Owen “Loose Lips”
    1:10:49-1:13:17 Total Science feat. Riya “Redlines (Break Remix)” Critical

    Recorded live from vinyl and digital. No post edits. That’s cheating.

    J. Cross represents: M.I.A. (www.miachicago.com) – Premier DNB crew in the U.S.
    Future DNB (www.future-dnb.com) – London, UK DNB done right!
    SUBterror (www.subterror.com) – Indianapolis bass masters.

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