I've just started making drum n bass tracks

Can definetly hear the influences in these lol some jazz makes me giggle hehe i love it! all about the trumpets! you got some nice ideas in your tracks u just need to work on your production a little more, keep an eye on levels, an eq'in is the main thing that your missing in these tracks. Your drums seem very cluttered too. Riding high stuck out the most for me if not bermond jazz, these with a little more work can be quite good tracks. Good effort mate look forward to hearin more peace!
Thanks alot for that, yeah, my mastering does need a lot of work, I'll have a lot more drum n bass tunes soon!. many thanks!
nice. Could be quite good with a bit of work on the production. Can't offer too much, xcept the hats sound a bit high and the bass wasn't coming thru all clear and low. Look forward to seeing what's next.
Right locked.....

Bermond Jazz is kool, liking the synth work etc

Drums needed more weight behind them, and like said the sub isnt loud enough

Soulful Vibe isnt really my thing personally, there is a lot out of key in there and at times the drums out of of time

Riding High is kool, much more to my liking. it has some good elements, but again the kick n snare need more weight and the sub isnt very loud

it gets a bit repetative after a while but with some more work on layout coul be kool man

good stuff bro, keep at it, at just 16 thats sleek
Bermondjazz - lovely jazz chords, gentle sax, but unfortunately somewhat repetitive and needing more powerful bass.
the drum pattern is good but you should probably have more breakbeats or syncopated drum sections at the end of phrases.
if you added more layers to the texture (these need not be complex or intricate at all) it would give the piece a fuller sound, although you should be careful not to crowd out the main theme.
perhaps on the second, (fourth, sixth etc) repeat of the chord progression you could have a higher pitched, brighter (perhaps maj7) chord to round off before repeating, i think this would eliminate a lot of the sense of repetitiveness that i am hearing.
subtle changes need to be made to the verse as it develops
I agree with comments about mastering and the eq

Soulful Vibe - while the saxophone is pleasant to listen to the chord pattern is repetitive and eventually leaves the listener wanting more. you should think carefully about what kind of rhythms you are using when it comes to chords and basslines, although it would be careless to make one fit to some criteria for the sake of it. the soul and affect of the tune rely upon this element being balanced and successful again, a distinct bassline seemed missing; if it is there at all it definitely needs amplifying; as it is key to creating a positive atmosphere. a bassline can easily make me love a tune that I would ignore in its absence
there is some dissonance in this piece which i personally think should be mostly avoided for this kind of dnb - while small quantities can be used effectively to make a tune particularly euphoric, too much can do the opposite and make a tune particularly dysphoric

Riding High - Nice tune overall, enjoying most aspects of the tune, definitely enjoyable to listen to. at around 45 seconds where a new phrase begins you might consider dampening the sound of the previous top line to make way for a liquid top line with a similar sound but different, softer and wetter timbre. I think i can hear elements of this but they are too far into the background. I'm not so keen on the electronic, almost sawtooth synths that are audible in the background - i don't think they fit the mood of the piece perfectly... but they have grown on me somewhat so perhaps with some tinkering my opinion would be different. on the otherhand, bring them down a few octaves and that timbre might make a decent bassline
as said before, the kick and snare in this piece could do with more "oomph", that's just a matter of finding or creating the right samples
Again, and i think this applies to all the tunes, a break here and there would be fitting

Overall a mellow, soulful style
I think you should listen to artists that you admire or enjoy most of the way through the production of a piece - it becomes impossible to prevent their influence from shaping your tune somewhat. this can be a good thing if you want your tune to share a similar fan base...
Also I think you should listen to more drum and bass artists, particularly liquid producers, as it will help you to mature your style and gain ideas for the kind of sound you want. don't be afraid to venture away from the genres you are used to.
good dnb producers who you would probably benefit from listening to -
nu:tone, calibre, atlantic connection, korista, apex, cutworks, paradox, seba, logistics, asc, commix, stunna, laos etc
you've probably heard tunes from most of these producers but i think one of the most crucial aspects of developing your own sound is, perhaps counter-intuitively, listening to others

an impressive start! i look forward to hearing more tunes from this artist in the future

sorry for the massive post, i had a lot to say
No need to be sorry, many thanks for the post. Allows me to go into depth on my tracks.

The feedback is very much appreciated!
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