I've bought some new records but I'm still looking for....


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Mar 4, 2002
I finally ordered some new tunes from BBS the yesterday and they came today...

Syntax "Coming for you EP" (Reinforced 189)
V/A - King of the rollers vol. 1 (31 Records 17)
Native Minds "Inner Cause / Dreams" (Reinforced 191)

Of course the Syntax EP is all about "Back 2 the 4" which sounds like something out of a Ratty 1992 set (jungle tekno you know). Also a quality tune is "So Confused" which is less jungle tekno but very cool none the less.

Native Minds "Inner Cause" is just lovely, very happy and upbeat yet still keeping it cool with a late ardkore style groove complete with tribal drums.

King of the rollers vol. 1 is all about the Doc Scott "NHS" Total Science remix although I find that Total Science has once again recycled their grooves again... this time from their tune "Global Spin". The flipside is also extremely cool which is Usual Suspects "Calimist" which was a pleasent surprise (I thought the NHS rmx was the only good tune here). The only unfortunate thing about this tune is that it recycles their other tune "Jah Bless". So basicly this is a cooler version of Jah Bless but awesome none the less.

I also wanted to buy these records but BBS was out of them:

Monkey & Large "Anti-life / Slam VIP" (G2 006)
Millita/Stakka & K-Tee "Brainwash / Echo Chamber" (Cargo 1)
Digital "10 ers" (Cosmic Web Recordings)
V/A "Sektor 5" (Advance//d)

Does anyone know of any state side shops that may have these in stock? If not I'll call back BBS in a week or two and ask again. I'm really super interested in that G2006 record as from what I recall, the RA sample I heard completely blew me away (very 92-ish, and upbeat).
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