iTunes Sound Check vs. The Loudness War

Discussion in 'Production' started by Neojunk, Jun 3, 2015.

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    hi everyone,

    i'm almost through Bon Katz 'Mastering Audio' Book by now (highly recommended!) and was surprised by how many chapters are dedicated to the loudness war.
    there was one thing that i wasn't aware of before: in the settings of iTunes (Edit > Prefrences > Playback)
    it gives you the option to 'SoundCheck' your mediatheque.
    when you activate it, iTunes analyses all your songs and adjust them to the same (percieved) volume.
    i did this with my mediatheque and suddenly the likes of Noisia & Reso (Reso's War Machine got turned down ~9dB) sounded shittier than some mainstream stuff!!

    this would in fact encourage ppl. to make more dynamic records i guess, but not if everybody has turned it off
    (mine was, and i don't remember doing so, so it's likely switched off as default setting)

    i just wanted to ask you guys if anybody uses this function or if anyone feels like they have to crush their tracks super hot against their own will to be able to compete (that's what i feel like atm...)

    Btw: iTunes Radio has SoundCheck permanently activated (can't be switched off)
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    A friend of mine told me once, and I totally agree, when making neurofunk or a tune in the harder genres, it kinda needs to be as loud as possible, heavily compressed, that stuff. Because when used in a mix, a tune that's not as loud as the rest, it's quite noticeable . But when making liquid, or rollers, the dynamics are more important, because there needs to be a vibe, and dynamics is one of the many ways to achieve this.

    And btw, I think that Noisia and Reso and such got turned down that much because their RMS value is insanely high. I've got no idea how they push it so high up.
    I'm not an expert with the whole RMS thing, so don't quote me on that
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