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Its Wednesday again. Time to bring you the live and direct sound of Drum & Bass at the workplace, home, or where ever you happen to be in front of a computer wanting to listen to some tunes.

KULTURE RADIO will be in full throtle once again this Wednesday from 4pm-6pm CST hosted by Dj Funktion aka Dirtyboi MC bringing you the non-stop madness of yesterday and todays Drum & Bass sound for 2 hole hours this week. With bi-weekly guests popping in you deffinatly dont want to miss out. So be sure and tune in and get your weekly DnB injection.

Log on Info:

HIGH Bandwidth
LOW Bandwidth

Or you can just go to VINYL BEATS and choose your bandwith. Then check the live broadcast section at the top of the page and look for KULTURE RADIO. There will be a choice for people on dial up and for those of you who can afford the DSL and Cable connections. Hope to see some of you headz tuning in. ITS GONNA BE RAW!!!!!!

There will also be a chatroom open via AIM by messaging KULTURE RADIO or you can simply chat within the chatroom provided on the board.

Guest for October 22, 2003:

Mikey Syphon // Stamina, Covert Ops
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