It's me again. Heres some new mixes I made ~recently.


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Mar 4, 2002
You can see my latest mixes here:

Here's some highlights from the past year or two. I haven't logged in here in years. I even tried to make a new DOA account because I was so bored today (that's bored!!!)

Top Buzz. A top buzz tribute set using his set lists from rolldabeats website

1992 061818 Top Buzz (320kbps)


Grooverider @ Helter Skelter 1991 *Remake*. I collected and mixed the same records he played at this classic event. I used to listen to this on cassette in my Walkman all the time in 2000.

1992 052518 The Grooverider@Helter Skelter The Funhouse 1991 Remake (320kbps)


Illumination, a mix of really dark 1991 records. This is the stuff that inspired 1993 darkcore and later techstep.

1992 101717 Illumination (320kbps)


Summer Vibe pt 15. This is the happy 1991 record set. I found out about these tracks from old Grooverider, Top Buzz, and that great Hit The Decks CD series.

1992 062817 Summer Vibe pt15 (320kbps)


Peek Freans Are Back. Real happy 1992 stuff with a deep house lean. I love this one, rinsed it out plenty of times on my road bike's blue tooth speaker.

1992 072417 Peek Freans Are Back (320kbps)


Everybody Loves Raymond Vol. 2. An original Grooverider tribute using records he was actually playing in 1993. Volume 1 also exists but this one is better.

1992 041317 Everybody Loves Raymond Vol 2 (320kbps)


Baby Trump. No one likes regular Trump but everyone loves Baby Trump. Here is a mix of amen breaks based 1993 - 1994 happyhardcore with some more serious tracks thrown in to keep it from getting boring... so boring... But this is exciting.... so exciting... You'll be winning all the time! #whosboatisthisboat

1992 080318 Baby Trump (320kbps)


There's other new stuff there but if you like these, you will find those.
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