it's good manners ain't it?!

Thought i'd post here before anywhere else, youknow, keep it legit and all that.

Whats good D&B?!

My names Dan, 27, living in NY.

Been reading for time, and involved in the scene for a bit, but I've been using this site much more recently due to moving to the US, and things are a little bit slow off the mark here!

Grew up in East London, moved to Sheffield when I was 18, moved to New York about 5 months ago, here for a couple of years.

It seems now I have moved away some absolute monster throwdowns have gone off in the UK, and I feel like i'm missing out, this site has kept me in the loop though.

D&B is pretty quiet here, although there are a couple of regular long running nights, but it's nothing like the scene in the UK, which is thriving right now.

Dubstep is huge here, and i'm feeling that vibe a lot more recently. DUB:WAR NYC is a quality night! Saw Hype 2 weeks back which was, well, just Hype. The needle skipped a bunch, and he rewound Original sin therapy 4 times, big tune, but 4 times?!

Marcus Intalex this Thursday and Plastician next wednesday, but all my UK mates went to Matter a couple weeks back, and I'd have given my right arm to be there with 'em!

so thats just a quick intro, i'll get posting when the mood takes me.


Deal with the matter!