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Feb/March 2007 Release…

Listen up!!! This week is National Tinnitus week. From Monday 19th-25th February Audio Relief are supporting the RNID and BTA’s National Tinnitus week, raising the awareness of tinnitus and what it’s like to live with and how to manage the condition. Catch Audio Relief at the Xtra Bass & The Valve Sound system Friday 9th March at Ministry of Sound. &

As regular as Clockwork!! Essence of Chi returns at its new regular bi-monthly home for 2007, kicking off with an exclusive ESP Agency showcase with appearances by the legendary DOC SCOTT & STORM, alongside fellow ESP artists INVADERZ & ALLEYCAT. Clockwork has had a full refurbishment with 7K sound system re-fit and state of the art lighting. The venue is now being hailed as one of North London's freshest up and coming venues.

Breakin News!!! On Saturday 10th March 2007 Breakin Science will host its last ever party at KOKO Camden. Koko is no more! Well not for Drum & Bass anyway. The venue will now primarily dedicate itself to live music, lots of limousines, white towels, hissy fits and paparazzi!!! Never fear more Breakin Science dates are scheduled for this year!! &

It’s A Way Of Live 2007!!! AWOL The return of this historic event takes place on Friday 30th March all thanks to Micky Finn & Darren Jay the new owners of the AWOL brand not to mention the original family who made the nights so special. This time around, alongside the classic Amen beats and old skool basslines, you will find the ultimate in liquid funk pleasure in room two. Following on from March there are three more events planned PLUS a UK tour featuring the cream of the jungle crop!

Planet Promo! Enter the oblivion! Promo Zo is stepping up a gear and rocketing in cyber space. Having gone AWOL from the Ministry of Sound, be set to see all things from new sights! Keeping you updated and entertained on a net level. All of Promo Zo’s current projects and promotional partner’s activities will be unavoidable for you cyber cats out there. The Club Promotions & Marketing Specialist is on a mission. Stay logged in!! &

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