It's about time...

I introduced myself

I'm COERCIVE, A.K.A Danny Coe, 24yo, from Manchester. I've been into DnB for as long as i can remember. After going to my first rave, so many years ago (Ray Keith & DJ Krust if i remember correctly) it's been all about the drums and the bass for me!

I started producing on and off in Cubase (SX3 i think), what seems like an eternity ago now. I then moved onto Reason 4.0 for an extended period, before finally upgrading to Logic Pro 9 about 2 years ago. I had previously written music and gigged with a couple bands through my teens, while developing a love for a wide range of musical styles. Therefore I produce a variety of DnB, owing to an unconditional love for the genre as a whole. I love how i can listen to some form of DnB no matter what mood or setting I am in. So whether its old-school jungle rollers, tasteful melody-driven liquid, pure jump-up bangers or deep and techy nuero… i've tried my hand at them all! I also have a pair of Technics 1210 mk2's, Numark M3 mixer and a modest collection of vinyl.

If you would like to check out my tracks, HERE'S THE LINK YOU NEED :-

I really do appreciate any feedback, so if you want to leave a reply below that would mean a lot. Also if you have a Souncloud account, please follow, like, repost, comment or send me a message! It really makes it worthwhile hearing what people think!

You can also find links to my Mixcloud and Youtube channel's on my Soundcloud page if you want to check out mixes / older tunes… and a link to my Facebook if you want to have a proper chat!

Cheers guys!