It´s all about Christmas!


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Oct 16, 2008
Gothenburg, Sweden
This one goes out to any and all producers here on the forum. Me and
my crew, Bassline Express, host a radio show every Tuesday night from
20-22 CET. Our show is usually split in two segments, first one hour
of Dubstep and then one hour of Drum&Bass. This upcoming Tuesday were
planning to do a Christmas Special since it's the day before Christmas

This is where all of you come in. Any bassy tracks with a christmas
touch will be highly appreciated and we will squeeze as many as we can
in on Tuesday night. So if you are a dubstep/dnb/whatever producer,
sample a Christmas song or anything else with the right spirit, make a
track and send it to us on!

We know it's a really short notice, but we don't expect wonders, just
bass and a few laughs.

We also put together a really small sample pack with some christmas
wav's for you. Probably nothing for you to actually use, but some nice
vibes anyway.

Merry Christmas to you all from Bassline Express, Gothenburg, Sweden!
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