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    So just before we roll over into october and issue 10 we thought wed sling out one last update of the stuff weve put up in the last couple of weeks that you all might have missed :p

    We've got an interview with Tyler Mae some of Manchester's hottest talent producing a mixture of genres that you definitely havent heard before check out the interview below and expect more from the tyler mae camp on example very soon...

    Check out our set of photos from the BLIND AURA CREW's trip to london last week...

    The guys down at unity radio (the home of our new radio show) have also been putting together a couple of video podcasts lately which are definitely worth a watch...

    Weve also posted up the latest highrise video...

    and a cheeky mix vault update...

    Also as ever we have a load of pictures from some of the best nights from the last couple of weeks :)



    Open Plan with Excision

    Weve got big things coming for you next month. also lock into our radio show on friday night 10-12 on

    PEACE :)