Label Isotop/Shots/Kaiza/The Icon - "Mesoterik" [T3K005]

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    Isotop + Shots + Kaiza feat. The Icon - "Mesoterik" [T3K005]


    The fifth T3K release is called "Mesoterik" by Isotop, Shots and Kaiza
    featuring The Icon. This Techno-DNB tearout has emerged from some very
    special teamwork: based on a beatloop by Shots (the soundquality of which
    had been enhanced by Isotop), the track's main idea itself was created by
    Kaiza and arranged by Kaiza under the eyes of The Icon.
    The result is uncompromising tech style aiming for dancefloor annihilation.

    mp3 & wav available here: (paypal enabled)

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