Isotop + Shots -Assembler / Budoka -Aether [TILT009]


Sep 11, 2005
Mannheim, Germany
After the well received release of TILT008 in the beginning of 2008,
Tilt-Recordings took a break from releasing vinyl records.
Instead, the digital-only series "T-Files" has been launched and started
releasing tunes by artists such as Spinor, Pyro + Mundane, Redco, Tamas,
Kaiza feat. amex + D-Struct, Matt Domino, kr4y, Walder, Asphexia and Kriotek
(more tunes by other interesting artists on T-Files are to follow soon).
But now, Tilt-Recordings returns to releasing tunes on vinyl with TILT009:
a tearing Techno-DNB tune by the newcomers Isotop + Shots feat. The Phalanx
and a fine Neurofunk number for the dancefloor by the one and only Budoka.

Isotop + Shots feat. The Phalanx - "Assembler"
Their surprising debut release on T-FREE in January 2008, "Burning Identity", drew attention to Isotop + Shots and brought them quite some respect within the Techno-DNB scene. After their experimental follow-up "Dioxin" on T-Files, Isotop + Shots and their partner The Phalanx now enter the vinyl dragon with their very first collaboration: Tilt-Recordings proudly presents "Assembler", a totally boring tune with a boring beat and a boring bassline. It seems safe to predict that all this boring will instantly put these three Palatines on the world map of Drum & Bass and into the hall of Techno-DNB fame for good.

Budoka - "Aether"
Since 2001, Budoka has worked hard on his production skills and slaved in the studio, crafting tunes and developing his own handwriting in sound and style. Over the years, he has finished more than 70 Drum & Bass tunes, almost 30 Hip Hop tunes (as "Oberton", with Eli MC) and also some Techno/House tunes. He has definitely succeeded in the task of creating his own signature sound, has released 20 Drum & Bass tunes (8 are on vinyl, 11 are free downloads) and can be called Germany's most underrated technoid Drum & Bass artist. And he did it again, he made yet another good tune... What else can be said? "Aether" is a strong Neurofunk tool, following the rules of good mixability with an athmospheric intro based on a deep synth line, a decent midrange, a dramatic breakdown, a strong minimalistic beat and a rumbling bassline.



The record will be available in record shops world wide next week (2008-09-08)
as a limited number of full artwork vinyl promos. better grab a copy fast...
wav/mp3 files will be available some weeks after the vinyl release.

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