Isotop + Shots are back with a new EP (T3K Recordings)



Remember the very first release on T3K Recordings?
They came out in 2009 and featured some guys called
Isotop and Shots. After they had made themselves a
good name for their releases on Tilt-Recordings before
they were the right reinforcement for the very young
Techno-DNB-Community. People followed their works on
various digital imprints after that. At some point both
decided to take a break from making music. It took them
quite a while to decide to come back with a new approach
to their very own music. Obviously, the old neurofunk
classics had quite an impact on them. Thus, you can still
find all the trademark stuff in those tracks. Isnt that great?
So, the plan is clear: go and check out this package!


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