Is tomorrow enough?


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Ever wondered what modern Drum & Bass would sound like if you crossed it with Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Electro and any other influence you could get your grubby hands on?

Well so did Atlantic Connection when he decided to craft his stunning new album ‘Tomorrow’s Not Enough’, a labour of love which has taken him the best part of the last year to complete. The album sees Atlantic Connection offer the listener a peek into his audiological world, a concept which includes his move from North Carolina to his current home of Los Angeles and the emotions involved with that, right through to the completion of the album itself.

If you want to hear one of the most daring and honest musical projects the D&B scene has to offer this year, you need to pick up ‘Tomorrow’s Not Enough’.

The album is only available in Digital Download format with a selection of singles dropping on vinyl over the course of the next few months. Grab it right now direct from Westbay at their iThink Music store [Click Here]


1. Intro / Tomorrows Not Enough Ft. Deviant
2. Can’t Destroy Love Part 2 ft. Minds One
3. Good Hood Review Ft. Tali & MC Armanni
4. Touch This (Subculture) Ft. Kemst
5. Danger Zone Ft. Lynx
6. Soul Musiq Ft. Youngman
7. Depth Charge Ft. Minds One
8. Day Dreamers Ft. McClain Sullivan
9. Interlude to LA
10. Been Around the World Ft. Julz & Lady MC
11. Hollywood Freq Ft. Whiskey Pete & Julz
12. Rocksteady (LA Riots Remix)
13. Heat of the Groove Ft. Mental Sharp & Pouya
14. Set Sail Ft. Illy Emcee
15. Another Love Song Ft. Pouya
16. 5’Oclock World Ft. Deviant
17. Outro to Paradise

"This will be the soundtrack to your summer!" - Drum & Bass Arena
"Atlantic Connection’s impressive debut album is a must for music lovers; full of depth and variety."Fabio (BBC Radio 1)
"This is Atlantic Connection's Chronic: albums like this are going to be the bridge between Drum & Bass and the rest of the world." Dogs On Acid
"Cool, funky, unique and timeless; just the way an album should be!" - D-Code & Nerm (BBC Radio 1)
"This album is sick as hell, something for everybody!"DJ Craze

Forthcoming on Westbay Recordings

Atlantic Connection - Hangin On / The Frighteners [Buy MP3s]
Atlantic Connection - Danger Zone (ft. Lynx) / Touch This (ft. Kemst)
Atlantic Connection - Can't Destroy Love pt.2 (ft. Minds One) / Soul Musiq (ft. Youngman)
Atlantic Connection - Rocksteady (LA Riots Remix) / Rocksteady (LA Riots VIP)

Forthcoming on Westbay International

Random Movement – Believe No Other / The Student [Buy MP3s]
Concept & Shnek – Bedford Ave. (ft. DJ Crum) / Supastar
Loxy & Matt U – Jumanji / Matt U - Charger

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