Is no one listening to your mix?


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Dec 19, 2008
Here’s a few tips to get other members to listen to your mix and leave feedback:
  1. Listen to other member’s mixes and leave them feedback - this is essential. Why would anyone spend an hour of their precious time listening to your mix? Give them a reason to. Make friends with other DJ's on the forum and help each other out.
  2. If you haven’t already, provide a track list. If for whatever reason you don’t want to do this, then at least try and provide a description of the mix. Or use the Spoiler tags, so someone can decide to look at the track list or not. Nobody wants to listen to a mix blind. There's lots of different styles of D&B, make sure people know what they're in for.
  3. Become more active in other areas of the forum - A bigger forum presence means your threads gets more views. This translates into plays on your mix
  4. Make it downloadable - Some members prefer to stick it on their iPod and listen on the move. If they can't download it, they won't be able to listen.
Do you have any other tips you'd like to share?
What has got you plays and feedback on your mix?

Just to reiterate.
DO NOT post any mix's if there are any illegally obtained tunes within your mix. Whether you have recorded them from youtube, been sent them by a mate or you have downloaded them from the internet etc. Your mix will not be welcomed here. and its members do not appreciate stolen music.

Support the music you play.
Ha ha I thought that mc on the last ulterior motive mix sounded familiar...

Also u could just keep bumping your mix everyday for like three weeks......

All jokes aside teddy you made some good pointers for people to get plays. There are just so many dj's/mixes out that it's very hard to listen to them all and leave feedback so u typically just leave feedback for those that do it for you.
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