is it notting hill this weekend? or next?


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Oct 7, 2002
bit confused and cant be arsed to research it so is it this weekend or next?

i hope its this weekend cos i need a bit of a rinse out.
ive never bin before.

is it easy to find the relevant stages eg tov rig etc.

whos goin to innovation aftrerwoods.
Yup - this weekend amigo!

I aint been to the carnival since 2000 coz it got rude!
First year i went (98 i think) was the year when that dude got killed (shot i think!) @ the Westwood stage when Busta Rhymes and Foxy Brown were on, then the following year Trevor Nelson took over to calm things down with rnb as they said the hip hop is what caused all the shit the year before, which was pretty tight, but following year there were bredrens jus fuckin jackin people at knifepoint as they walked past, an if you getting crunk-up, thats the last thing you need to be checking out for!

There is always HUGE police presence which is essential, maybe the last few years they have clamped down on all the gang pressence?

Dont wanna put you off if you aint been before, get yourself a guide as soon as you turn up and all the major soundsystems are listed. I bet the atmosphere at the TOV S.S. will be safe a hell anyway.

Make you you leave as early as you can coz the main undergound shuts early (dont know when?)

Have a good one to all going.....
Maybe im just disgruntled goz i got no money to go :(
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TOV rig is on the corner of All Saints road and Tavistock road - you can find a map here

I'll be there with a big bag of White Widow :thumbsup:

Don't let talk about nastiness put you off going, it's not as bad as some people make out. Just be a little wary, don't wave money or your wallet around and don't get really really mashup and you'll be fine

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