is it me?..


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May 4, 2009
..or does the sound quality of streaming mp3's on myspace sound well spurious?

I've been listening to some of the stuff in here today and its really hard to feedback on tunes (other than structure/arrangement) when the sound quality on myspace is so fucking atrocious..
I think the sound quallity is a bit shit...

but a lot of the time people tend to upload 128's or so of there tunes so that people don't rip them off...
soundcloud is at 320 i think init?

thats why most people havent been putting stuff on there lately cos peeps been ripping them
just seems a shame to spend nuff time honing a mix to have myspazz mangle it :(

When I'm ready to share again, soundcloud will be my weapon of choice ;)
yeah the myspace player is not that good quality because my tunes sound fine and i upload them on to there and they dont sound as good so mate its not you
Myspace quality is awful, its a shame but i tend to look back at previous tunes that people make an u can sorta guess if the production is good or not, an imagine the rest.
There's no real way around this, cause even on sound cloud if u got a mixer an a way of recording whats being played you can get any tunes really.
I'd rather wait for some1 to ask for a mp3 an just hope it don't get leaked. Even then not many peeps on here are established enough to worry about leaked tunes? But its just principle really! And you don't want peeps stealing your ideas too....but tbh fuck it what can you do eh.....?
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