Is anyone on here a DOA member and mind doing me a favour?

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by dscpotts, Nov 17, 2012.

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    Out of the blue, my profile which ive had since DOA opened has fucked up.

    i log in, but i can post, send messages, pretty much the only thing i can do is read threads and even then i cant see pictures they come up just as a .

    What i want to know is if anyone will do me a favour and contact a mod over there for me. The warning i get is that i dont have auhority to post etc and i should contact a moderator, which i cant....
    my profile name is same as here dscpotts

    strange thing is i set up another profile hoping id be able to contact the mods myself, but the new profile has exactly the same problem. so maybe its something wrong at my end, so if so, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix.

    thanks for your time