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    and this is my mix...

    enjoy! few months old now, but the tunes are still good!

    1. Immaculate-Hydro, Break (Quarantine)
    2. Estonia-Indivision (Subsonik Sound)
    3. Dark Hour-SpectraSoul (Critical)
    4. Traveller-Survival (Utopia Music)
    5. Overdue-Spor (Lifted Music)
    6. Descendent of the Sun-Survival (Audio Tactics)
    7. Masquerade-Survival (Dispatch Recordings)
    8. Thursday-Noisia (Vision Recordings)
    9. 2098-Ulterior Motive (Subtitles)
    10. Patience-Jubei, DBridge (MetalHeadz)
    11. Stars- All Thieves-Zero T remix (Footprints)
    12. Depth Perception-Subtone &Sol.Id (dub)
    13. Holding on to Never-Ulterior Motive, Judda (Subtitles)
    14. Oxygen and Atmosphere-Wideband Network (Quadrant and Subsonik Breathless mix)(System Recordings)
    15. Climate-Matrix & Fierce-C4C remix (Metro)
    16. Xenomorph-S.P.Y. (Metalheadz)
    17. Cause-Icicle (Shogun Audio)
    18. The Clamp-Break (Symmetry)
    19. Dark Days-Alix Perez (Shogun)
    20. Loose Ends-Alix Perez, Noisia (Shogun Audio)